As an academic office, the Library is in the first instance governed by the Library Board whose chair is the Pro-Vice Chancellor. Secondly, it reports to the senate whose chair is the Vice Chancellor.

As mentioned, the Library operates through three intertwined divisions: 

 Archives, Records Management, Museum and Documentation Division

Under the ambit of AREMDOD, is the duty of the Library to vigorously pursue the often, hard-to-find grey/development information and several memorabilia on Lesotho and documents from the various UN agencies. The World Bank supported Lesotho Development Information (DIC) facility is also part of this division. 

Client Access and Extension Services

This division is responsible for face-to-face support to users. Desks under this division are Access plus circulation, Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC), Internet provision, Interlibrary loan facilities, branch/site libraries and all matters responsible for distance learning mode.

Under the umbrella of CAES, subject specialists converge to offer the Information Literacy Programme orientation course to new clients. 

Technical Services Division

Technical Services will be dedicated to working cooperatively with other library units to provide exemplary library services for the academic community; like:-

  • -          following and supporting national standards and practice in organizing informational resources  
  • -          conserving and accounting for expenditures
  • -          promoting the creative use of staff talent in the delivery of services and
  • -          maintaining a quality online catalog that allows electronic access to resources by the global community.


Technical Services’ primary goal is to organize and process resources to facilitate the pursuit of intellectual growth.


Technical Services upholds National University of Lesotho Library’s role as a repository of diverse collections by acquiring, cataloging, and preserving material supporting the University’s curriculum and mission.


Technical Services will be committed to obtaining materials and providing a quality online catalog that allows access to resources by the NUL community

This division is in charge of profuse behind-the scenes chores comprising acquisitions, cataloguing, classification, indexing, systems and serials management.

The Technical Services (TS) division also acts as the Lesotho clearing agent for International Standard Book Numbers (ISBN). This national responsibility has been entrusted upon the NUL Library since 1987.