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Library Regulations

Removal of and/or damage to library property


Photocopying services and payments

The National University of Lesotho Library comprises the main named Thomas Mofolo Library (TML) on the Roma Campus; and the branch library at the Institute of Extra-Mural Studies (IEMS) in Maseru.  The branch library at IEMS offers services primarily to part-time students and lecturers. The Library is a member of the Southern African Inter-lending Scheme (SAIS) which is linked to libraries of other parts of the world.

The Library and information services (LIS), support the teaching programmes of both the faculties and IEMS. LIS provide facilities for teaching, learning, research and leisure.  Emphasis is laid upon acquiring material that contribute actively to the encouragement of local, regional as well as inter-disciplinary studies offered at the University.

LIS are aimed at meeting full requirements of learners and instructors in their pursuit of academic achievements.  A LIS user/client is required to conduct himself/herself in a manner consistent with that purpose. The University Librarian shall from time to time determine what constitutes behaviour consistent with that purpose.

1.1 The Library and Information services offer the following

1.1.1 Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)

A computerized catalogue showing the holdings of the library Lending Service

1.1.2 Photocopying, Printing and scanning Services

Clients may copy, print or scan materials coming from the Library or from elsewhere, using the mentioned facilities, and in line with Photocopying laws.

1.1.3 Current Awareness Service

They may include Selective Dissemination of information) A facility by which the Library makes clients aware of what is in operation what is available, what changes have been introduced or what new items are have been added to the collection. In the ICT era, engaging each other is possible through tools such as Thuto, web-pages, email addresses, DOPE etc.

1.1.4  Lending

A facility whereby bona fide clients are allowed to borrow library materials either within or outside the library premises for specified time and conditions.

1.1.5  Technical Inquiries Service

A service whereby clients get high quality consultations from professional librarians on a one-to-one basis and mainly at the circulation desks; users ask questions, make queries and librarians provide answers.

1.1.6 Information Literacy Programme

These are lessons imparting skills to users so that they recognize when information is needed for a particular assignment, where and how appropriate information may be found through librarians help

1.1.7 Special collections

They include Archives and Museum, Documentation Centre (that merged the collection of IE and ISAS Documentation centres) etc. and as comprising mainly non- or semi-published items or grey literature.

1.1.8. Electronic Databases

These constitute a collection of online databases of electronic journals, or such digital formats of e-books and other channels such as CD-ROMs, Videos, etc.

1.1.9 Bindery and Repairs

           This is a facility for repairing and binding materials

1.1.10 Inter-Library Lending (ILL)Service

Through ILL, the library borrows materials that are not available at NUL, on behalf of clients, from other libraries

1.1.11 Institutional Repository (IR) facility

IR contains collection of theses, student reports, research reports, journal articles, examination papers and other materials emanating from within NUL or generated under the auspices of NUL. 

1.1.12  Internet

Access to Internet is offered to registered users for academic purposes.

1.1.13 Consulting Subject specialists

This is a service whereby professional librarians attend to lecturers, students, researchers, departments, faculties through a subject/discipline mode, and on a basis of courses offered at NUL or on-going research (the service also relates to 1.1.5 above).

1.1.14 Short loan/Reserved materials section

A section for a temporary/transient collection of books, journal articles and all other reading lists which are highly on demand and are therefore reserved by lecturers for use by particular learners who access the reserved items per specified conditions

1.1.15 Serials or Periodicals

A collection appearing in any format issued in successive parts usually on a regular basis such weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually etc.  eg newspapers, magazines, journals; and if in a printed format, often useable within the library.

1.1.16 24hr reading rooms

There is a space at the entrance of Thomas Mofolo Library that is used for reading/discussion purposes for 24hrs a day 7days a week

1.1.17 Development Information Centre (DIC) and UN

This is a reference library hosting development information material from NUL\’s partners, namely,  World Bank, FAO, WHO, UNICEF and UNAIDS it is also a depository for UN material on Lesotho

1.1.18 Facilities for visually impaired persons (VIPs) and other clients with physical disabilities

Although all clients with disabilities are catered for, the VIPs and print-disabled library users are especially served. There is a library unit for the production of Braille, talking books etc

  1.1.19  Mobile Digital library

Operating from IEMS Maseru branch is a mobile digital library through a van that targets all regional centers but has piloted the Leribe/Butha-Buthe route. It is one of the offerings by which NUL takes the service to the people while the latter also reach the University.

1.1.20 Postgraduate students’ reading rooms

There are two rooms within the Thomas Mofolo building that provide an exclusive reading space for postgraduate students

 1.1.21 References

Items that one briefly turns to or consults in relation to some significant matter; e.g. dictionaries, encyclopedia, etc are available but may not be borrowed out…

1.1.22 Audio-Visual (AV) Room

A room located at Thomas Mofolo Library for client, especially a lecturer who shall, by appointment be allowed to use of this room equipped with a TV set, projector, and other AV equipment for instruction

1.1.23 Information literacy laboratory

    A room with a limited number of PCs, for facilitating computer-based teaching

1.2 The following shall be eligible to use the Library:

  • Bona fide student of the University.
  • Any staff member of the University as defined in the University Statutes.
  • Any extra-mural member approved by the Library Board.
  • Visiting research fellows and/or professors.                

1.3 External Users

1.3.14 The University Librarian may offer other persons such other facilities as are in her/his opinion deemed appropriate. In offering borrowing rights and privileges, and other services to external users, whether groups or individuals, the Library Board may prescribe a charge for such services.

1.4 Visitors

1.4.1 A member of the University may introduce one or two visitors to tour the Library provided no inconvenience is caused to clients. Parties of visitors can be admitted only by prior arrangement with the University Librarian. Visiting users should produce some form of identification.

1.4.2 In general visitors may be barred from the use of certain facilities of the library.

1.5 Fines and Penalties

1.5.1 Fines and other penalties for the infringement of any Library Regulations shall be charged.

1.5.2   General rates for overdue fines are outlined below:

 Items from the open shelves

 1 Title = M0.50c per day (students).

               = M1.00 per day for the next weeks

               = M5.00 per day from the 4th week +

1 Title = M2.00 per day (staff) for the first 7 days

              = M4.00 per day for the next two weeks

              = M10.00 per day from the 4th week +

Short loan and Archives

 1 Title =M1.00 per hour for all

               =M5.00 per day

1.53 Non-receipt of overdue and/or recall notices will not be an acceptable excuse to warrant a fine waiver for a user who fails or neglects to notify the University Librarian about change of address.

1.6       Admittance to NUL Libraries

1.6.1 All clients will be expected to be fully conversant with the Regulations and to have undertaken to be bound by and to observe them. Authority to remain on premises and use of library resources, facilities and services are conditional upon users observing Library rules and Regulations.

1.6.2 Identification (ID) will be used in all cases pertaining to borrowing library materials.

1.7       External Membership

 1.7.1    Visitors who will be regarded as making a continuous use of NUL Library services will be urged to apply for membership at a fee of M500.00 per annum.  Such applicants will be expected to have letters of reference either from the educational institutions they are registered with, or from authorities/offices they are affiliated with. This membership will entitle them to borrow one item for three weeks.

2.3 Warning Bell

 2.3.1 Fifteen (15) minutes before closing time the first warning bell will be rung. The second and final bell will be rung respectively, ten (10) and five (5) minutes before closing time.

2.3.1 Users must leave the Library promptly at closing time.

2.4 Stock-taking

 2.4.1    During stock-taking the Library will be closed and all services suspended.

2.5 Public Holidays

2.5.1    On Public Holidays the Library Services will be closed, except during examinations period.

2.6 Examinations Period

2.6.1    Two weeks before and during examinations the library will be open from:

 09.00 – 22.30 on weekends and on public holidays.

2.7 Supplementary Examinations Period

 2.7.1    During the period of supplementary examinations the library opening hours will be as follows:

Mondays – Fridays:             08.30 – 19.30

Saturdays                              Closed

Sundays                                Closed

  Public holiday                   Closed

When registering with the Library new Members of the University staff shall           produce a letter of introduction from their Heads of Departments.

3.1       Loan periods

 3.1.1    One month for University staff, including visiting research fellows, renewable once for a further period of one month.

3.1.2    Two weeks for all registered undergraduate students, renewable once for a further period of two weeks.

3.1.3    Three weeks for Postgraduate students renewable once for three weeks.

3.1.4    Renewals

Renewals may be done by telephone. Users must provide an ID when renewing books. 

Tel. Ext. 22340601 ext 3404 (this extension may be used as direct lines e.g. 52213404 & 29324596 for Thomas Mofolo Library and 22322038 & 28324595 for IEMS Library on week days

3.1.5    That Notwithstanding, all books/materials must be returned to the library or renewed on or before 30th June of each calendar year.

3.2 Student Borrowing times & Entitlements

 3.2.1    Lending facilities are available till 22.00 during the term. Items from Reserve/Short Loan Section may be reserved between 09.00 and 20.30 on weekdays.

  • All undergraduate students – 2 books/titles for 2 weeks)
  • 5th year students as within the Faculties of Law, FOST and Health Sciences 5 books/titles for 3 weeks
  • Postgraduate students (5 books/titles – 3 weeks)
  • Part- time students during their residential undergraduates 3 book/titles for 2 weeks postgraduates 5 books/titles for 3 weeks
  • Visiting Research Fellows and/or Affiliates students, (to depend on the type of affiliation and length of stay at NUL).
  • Students who are writing research projects during the long vacation will be entitled to borrow two (2) books for two weeks

3.3   Staff borrowing times & Entitlements

3.3.1   Full-time academic staff shall be entitled to borrow a maximum of 10 titles for a period of one (1) month.

3.3.2   Part-time lecturers shall be entitled to borrow a maximum of 5 titles for a period of one (1) month

3.3.3   Non-academic staff shall be entitled to borrow a maximum of 5 titles for a period of one (1) month.

3.3.4   Items borrowed by staff will be due on the specified date stamped in the book. (See reg. 3.2.1)

3.3.5   The name shown in the loan record as the borrower of the book shall be held responsible for its return, on time and undamaged to the Library.

3.3.6  When a staff member leaves the university for a period exceeding one month, he/she must return all Library materials borrowed by him/her.

3.4   Returning/renewal of Library Material

 3.4.1   All books/items returned to the Library must be delivered to a member of the Library Circulations Desk on duty.  The borrower is responsible for ensuring that the loan is cancelled in his/her presence.

3.4.2   A user who wishes to renew the loan of an item must return it on or before the due date in order to ascertain whether a renewal can be allowed.

3.4.3   Any registered user who does not return Library materials when due will incur penalties as indicated in Regulation 1.6; in addition, in the case of:

Students: The University will withhold examination results;

 Staff: Staff members will be reminded no more than twice; subsequently the Library    will cause deduction from their salaries to be made by the Bursary.

  • No registered student whose University courses will terminate at the end of the current session may borrow from the Library during the last week of that current term save by permission of, and special arrangements with, the University Librarian.
  • Reference materials, serials, archival materials or any other material designed to be for reference only may not be borrowed from the Library.
  • Every user leaving the Library with books and papers must show them at the control point for inspection.
  • Material from the Short Loan Collection may be borrowed during the day and overnight in accordance with the rules and regulations governing this collection. Fines will be charged for failure to return material at the time indicated.
  • Material on loan may be reserved. Reserved material cannot be renewed.

3.4.9   The University Librarian may recall an item from a borrower at any time.

3.5    Cancellation of borrowing entitlement

3.5.1   Borrowing entitlements will be cancelled if a user: Has to be consistently reminded before returning library materials; Fails to pay overdue fines; Fails to pay for the replacement of lost Library materials; Consistently fails to comply with any of the Library Regulations.


4.1       No user shall misuse, damage, or without permission, move any equipment or furniture belonging to the Library.

4.2      Computer Usage

4.2.1   Although Access to web-based resources is provided, down-loading or accessing the following is strictly prohibited:

  • Pornographic materials and
  • Gambling materials

4.2.2 Other sites that may not be allowed shall be announced from time to time.

4.2.3 Changing of settings of the computers and changing or adding back-grounds/screen servers is not allowed.

4.2.4 Penalty against defaulter(s) is M100.00

4.3 Silence

4.3.1 Silence must be strongly observed in and around the Library. Discussion is permissible only in the designated discussion rooms.  Noise from cell phones is not permitted.  Penalty for one incidence of making noise is M100.00.

4.4 Prohibited Items/Actions

4.4.1 Certain objects, articles, substances and actions are not allowed in the Library.

4.4.2 Dangerous items like guns, knives and explosives such as fireworks are strictly prohibited.

4.4.3 Flammable Liquids and objects such as fire lighters, gas cylinders and the like are not permitted.

4.4.4 Harmful actions such as smoking, consumption of food, alcoholic beverages and chewing gum are not allowed in the Library. Drinking of liquids may be from spill-proof liquid containers only.

4.4.5 Study tables, chairs and carrels may not be booked by leaving personal possessions on or in them.

4.4.6 Wearing a cap or hood is not allowed in the library

4.4.7 Pets are not allowed in the Library.

4.4.8 Penalty will depend on the gravity of the offence.


5.1       Photocopies of Library material may be supplied to members of the University, subject to the provisions of the Copyright Act, 1989 as applied to Lesotho.  No copyrighted material may be reproduced by photographic or any other process without the permission of the University Librarian.

5.2       The Library has outsourced the services of a private company that charges are to be agreed.


6.1       No material may be removed from the Library without its loan having been recorded at the control point and without being stamped with the date for its return. No University Library material may be taken out without the permission of the University Librarian.

6.1.1 Failure to observe the above regulation may result in the user’s borrowing entitlement being revoked.

6.1.2 It is the responsibility of a user to make sure that any material borrowed from the Library has been properly recorded and stamped. Failure to ensure that the Library material has been properly recorded and stamped may result in the user being prosecuted for theft

6.2 Any user who deliberately damages or mutilates Library materials (for example, books, journals, reports, documents) shall be liable to pay a replacement cost of such materials plus 50% penalty. He/she may also be liable to disciplinary action.

6.3 According to Senate, academic dishonesty including mutilation of Library books and other materials is a serious offence. The types of punishment that may be given range from disciplinary action to expulsion.

6.4 Any user who steals or attempts to steal Library materials such as books, journals, reports, projects, audio visuals etc, shall be liable to disciplinary action.

6.5 A user who has in his/her possession a book stolen from the Library will be liable for disciplinary action for receiving stolen goods/property knowing them to be stolen and/or as an accessory to the act and/or on any other grounds recognized by law.

6.6 A user who fails to return any material borrowed from the Library after a period of one year after such user has stopped being a student of the university or a staff member or has since stopped being an authorized user will be penalized and will be fined not less than M500.00.

6.7   University staff member who leave University employment for whatever reason must return all Library material prior to their departure.

6.8       Human Resource shall notify the University Librarian at least two months prior to the termination of each and every employee’s tenure of service with the University.  Employees shall be informed about forfeiture of entitlement to equivalent terminal benefits in cases where they owe the Library.

6.9       The University Library shall furnish the Bursar with full details including current market prices of all the materials owed by University employees whereupon the Bursar shall cause to be deducted from the employees’ monthly emoluments the full amount of replacement value of the items lost, damaged or not returned.


All users who pay cash for any library service or fine are expected to ensure that they pay at the bank (Standard Lesotho Bank Acc # 0140019696701).  Otherwise s/he will be regarded to be an accomplice in financial irregularities and shall forfeit her/his rights.

7.1 Every member of the library pledge to obey all library rules and regulations as approved by the library Board

7.2 Please note that surveillance cameras are operational in the Library.

For more information, please contact:

NUL Switchboard                     -           2221 3400/5221 3400

  1. Librarian -           22340468 Ext. 7213
  2. Head, AREMDOD -           Ext. 7016
  3. Head, CAES -           Ext. 7017
  4. Head, TS -           Ext. 7011
  5. Circulation Desk -           Ext. 3404/52213404 -28324596


Mahobong                            -           C/O. 22322038

Maseru                                    -           22322038

Mohale’sHoek                      -           22785423

ThabaTseka                           -           212900402