Code of Conduct, Rules and Regulations

The Code of Conduct, General Rules and Regulations are mandatory to all users of the NUL Libraries. These apply to the Thomas Mofolo Library and its branches.

LIB1.01   Admittance to NUL Libraries

Albeit members privileges and the mentioned open-door policy, the Library Management reserves its right to allow or not to allow admittance, to let one remain or not to on the premises, to permit use or not to use the Library facilities.

LIB 2.00  Prohibited Items

Certain objects, articles, substances and activities are not allowed in the Library. The items include explosives such as fireworks, flammable liquids, and solids as from fire-lighters and gas cylinders.

Dangerous objects comprising guns, knives and similar ammunition are strictly prohibited. Harmful actions, conduct such as smoking and consumption of foods are not allowed. Drinking of non-alcoholic liquids may be from spill-proof containers only. Pets may not be brought into the Library.

LIB 3.00  Removal of and/or damage of Library Property

No clients shall misuse, damage, or without permission, move any equipment or furniture of the Library.

LIB 4.00  Computer Usage

Although full access to web-based resources is allowed, the following are prohibited:

Accessing and downloading pornographic and obscene sites
Gambling and Games

LIB 5.01  Silence

Silence must be observed in and around the Library.

LIB 6.01   Borrowing

No material may be removed or taken out of the Library without proper procedures. It is the responsibility of the borrower to ensure that any material borrowed from the Library has been properly recorded and stamped.

LIB 7.01  Theft of Library Material

Any client who has in his/her possession a Library item stolen from the Library will be liable to disciplinary action for receiving stolen goods/property knowing them to be stolen and/or as an accessory to the act and/or any other grounds recognized by Law.

LIB 8.01  Damage and/or Mutilation of Library Material

Any client who damages, mutilates, defaces and spoils in any way, a library material, shall be liable to pay a replacement plus 50% handling and penalty costs. He/She shall also be liable to disciplinary action.

In all the above cases, penalty will depend on the gravity of the offence.

LIB 9.00  Fines for overdue Materials

Fines and other penalties for the infringement for any library regulations shall be charged. General rates for overdue items are outlined below:

LIB 9.01  Items from the open shelves

Note: The information contained on this page including the rates may be changed by Thomas Mofolo Library without prior notice or necessarily being published on this website.