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Bi-Centenary Conference

The National University of Lesotho Library and the Endangered Archives Programme Africa Hub in collaboration with the University of the Free State Library, the Moshoeshoe Leadership Institute and the British Library invite you to a conference on the role of knowledge preservation in telling the stories of nations.


The bicentennial celebrations of the Kingdom of Lesotho provide an opportunity for libraries, archives, historians, and cultural activists to reflect on their role in the preservation of the national documentary heritage. The key question being, What documentary heritage will we leave for the next generation?

Information and knowledge are essential components of a nation's culture. This conference brings together libraries, archives, historians, and museum curators from beyond the nation to reflect on their role and responsibility in the preservation of knowledge and documentary heritage. The conference will also celebrate success stories of the digital exchange of collections.

Participants will engage in discussions on disaster preparedness in light of climate change. Topics will include digital preservation, the preservation of oral and print collections, and building collections of post-independence nations.

Participants will reflect on the history of national collections, legacies of colonialism, the journey towards preserving knowledge for future generations, and the connection of collections in libraries, archives, and museums in universities and society.


Celebrating the preservation of Lesotho’s documentary heritage: A dialogue on preserving knowledge heritage for future generations.


    • Sesotho records, archives and special collections
    • Colonial and post-colonial collection legacies
    • Carving a space for oral knowledge preservation
    • Building bridges with digital exchanges of knowledge
    • Preservation of collections in less resourced environments
    • Single Collections: insights from academic libraries with museums, archives, and art collections


Presentations are invited from scholars, academics, librarians, archivists, and researchers in Lesotho, Africa and internationally that will stimulate discussions on knowledge and its preservation for future generations. Speakers are invited to share their experiences of collecting and preserving knowledge for future generations.

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Submission guidelines:

    • Abstracts should be 500 words in length and should clearly indicate
      which sub-theme they address.
    • Abstracts should include the title of the paper, author's name, email
      address, and institutional affiliation.
    • Abstracts must be written in English as the conference will not provide
      simultaneous interpretations.
    • Abstracts are to be submitted to

Important Dates

Preconference fees- TBA

Registration fees

Full Registration:  M2700.00
Students: M1800.00
Daily rate: M1000.00
Lesotho residents: Code to be provided

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