IEMS Subject Guide

IEMS Subject Guide

Welcome to the Institute of Extra Mural Studies Subject Guide for all Open and Distance Learning (ODL) programmes. This offers some basic guidance on how to find and use the Library's resources in the subjects offered at IEMS.

The Library has both electronic printed book collections.

Go to the library website to search for electronic resources and the library catalogue by typing:
  • keywords
  • authors
  • titles
  • ISBN

Other collections in the library include research reports, documentation and newspapers.

If you need assistance with your research, please don't hesitate to contact me at
Cell phone: 58859052 Ext: 5917


Lecturers expect students to use scholarly sources: using better sources often results in better grades! Information can be out-of-date, inaccurate, and even purposely misleading (such as propaganda).

  • So how do you tell the good ones?
  • know among others, the author(s)
  • reputation and expertise;
  • accuracy and currency of information
  • contact details for the individuals responsible for the site
  • Referencing or citation is the method you use to acknowledge various sources of information used in researching and writing up your assignments
  • It includes the bibliography that you compile at the end of your work, and it enables you to use other people's work without being guilty of plagiarism. It also enables you or a reader of your work, to go back and find the articles you consulted.
  • We provide tutorials for APA referencing style as it is used by the Institute.

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